Built In Bedroom furniture and free standing bedroom storage furniture. Modern interior in this Warwickshire home,gives a perfect match to the sleek angular Architecture, complimenting the contemporary style of the furniture. Oak finish to the dressing table, give a warm balance to the crisp interior.

Dressing table with internal drawers

Oak finish side design table, with internal drawer storage. Maximising internal capacity of the cabinet, this piece of furniture fulfils function and form.

Internal drawer baskets, excellent storage furniture

Modern designed furniture, standing a statement piece within a contemporary interior. High level storage and tall wardrobes keep the designs simple and clean.

Bedroom furniture wardrobe with Oak Ladder

Sleek built in wardrobe, utilising high ceiling and gaining maximum storage. Although a large piece of furniture, the warm tones of an Oak ladder to access high level cabinets prevent the piece becoming too dominate within the room.

Modern Built In furniture

Wardrobe internal gives hanging space and drawers.

Bedside tables floating shelves boxes with LED lighting

Simple floating storage boxes give an alternative to standard bedside table furniture. Concealed LED lighting allows for comfortable soft lighting for reading and background illumination.