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Tricycle Drinks Bar

This is a Tricycle Drinks Bar built for use at corporate presentations and events. It has quite a specialist look based on the clients branding. They requested a chic copper look on their vendor bike that would be durable and eye catching. This was achieved by a specialist material that had a copper cladding to […]

VW Campervan Conversion

Volkswagen VW Camper Van Conversion. Oak Interior to give a truly unique Bohemian retreat, to make the inside as good as the outside world. The external environment may be beautiful, but there is no need to rough it with this interior.VW Campervan Classic Warm glow from a natural Oak lined and soft interior sconce lighting, […]

Victorian Entrance Door Stained Glass

Victorian Entrance porch door with period stained glass and etch glass side lights. Period home in Warwickshire, has many Architectural details that are selected in the reconstruction of the entrance door. Polished Brass ironmongery bespoke made to existing frame, primed finish ready for painters. I hope they have plenty of masking tape! Stunning colours beam […]

Built In Storage in Old Cottage

This bedroom really required built in storage. This client had no storage in their lovely old cottage so employed us to utilise the space between the beams as built-in storage in their old cottage.     The beam running horizontally was very deep so provided perfect storage for bedroom items.    

Period Traditional Window Shutters

Traditional Period window shutters, purpose built for 300 year old cottage to compliment the history of the cottage. Reclaimed pitch pine, waxed and finish to tie in to existing beams and doors within the lovely old building.

Window Shutter refurbishment

This is an example of a window shutter refurbishment. We are often asked to refurbish or remake window shutters for period homes. This is a satisfying job as it’s tricky but makes a real difference to someone living in that house.   Window shutters are more complex than you imagine due to the bi-fold system […]

Renovation of a Front Door

The renovation of a front door. This was a renovation project on a very old front door. The door had been found at a reclamation yard. It is over 500 Year old. It was refurbished to fit a 200 year old cottage. A new frame and ironmongery were required.            

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